Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Great Night of Jubilee

Myself, Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell and my son Nate.

I've know Josh McDowell for many years now. He's been a great influence to my Christian walk since almost the very beginning. He wrote "More than a Carpenter" and "Evidence That Demands a Verdict", two of the best books ever written. Josh and his family were a part of the church in California, when I was the pastor. We had the pleasure of having his family (He, his wife and their son Sean) speak out there about family life. But this week we hosted them here in New Mexico. Josh and Sean came out to be part of our Bible Literacy Study and to kick off the Jubilee Festival along with Jars of Clay. Sean, who has written a couple of great books ("Understanding Intelligent Design" and "Apologetics For A New Generation")shared, along with my son Nate, the importance of Bible literacy for this generation while Josh & I spoke as the older guys to a small press conference on Friday at Hotel Albuquerque. We conducted a poll to indicate the level of Bible literacy in this city--a study Josh praised--since he's one who loves hard research and had conducted a number of similar studies himself. Both father and son McDowell shared the stage at the Balloon Fiesta Park to speak about the relevance of truth to their own lives--a powerful night!

Josh McDowell speak to a crowd of 7,500 at Balloon Fiesta Park Friday Night