Monday, January 25, 2010


We have been doing a satellite video campus on Sunday mornings from our church in Albuquerque in the downtown area of town for months now. Renting the El Rey theater for Thursday nights (Renovate College Group) and then Sunday morning at 11AM for main church services has been our M.O...until last night! We decided to do a "relaunch" of MetroCalvary and move the time to Sunday nights. Last night was our first night. With special music and worship led by Phil Wickham, we cranked it up downtown! As you approached the theater from the outside you could hear our turntable ministry (record scratching) drawing a crowd already. Inside was abuzz with people getting espresso drinks, putting bibles in seats and spending the last few moments before the event in fellowship with each other. There were 600 people who came out for our first night and brought friends and relatives, many of whom came forward at the end of the night to receive Christ. It was wonderful. We're hoping that many who live in that area will start making Sunday Nights at Metro their church night and create an outreach in downtown Albuquerque. All I can say is that the Lord really blessed the worship and teaching of His word. It was so exciting that I think I'm just going to go there in person and teach the Word on Sunday nights. It reminded my of our beginnings in the Far North Tehater so many years ago. A fresh work is underway!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Band of Brothers

Don Richardson and Mike MacIntosh

Some relationships are fleeting and tentative while others remain steady and grow stronger over time. The later reflects how most pastors feel about each other who have served together in the same direction. They intuitively "know" each others thoughts, struggles, needs and joys. I had the privilege of speaking to a group of pastors and their wives on the East Coast in Merritt Island, Florida this week. It was really great to connect with some old friends (including my old roommate from my Huntington Beach days as a California bachelor) to and to make some new friends. I spoke during those three days to pastors from all over the eastern seaboard from Revelation 2 and 3. Also sharing the pulpit was Mike MacIntosh, Don Richardson ("Peace Child"), Pancho Juarez, David Payne (he does the awesome C.S. Lewis one-man play) and Malcolm Wild--the pastor of a church in Merritt Island, Florid--a band of brothers!
One of the highlights for me was after the conference ended on Wednesday--driving from Merritt Island down to Fort Lauderdale to speak for the Wednesday Night service in my friend, Boy Coy's pulpit and then to speak at the College ministry Eikon afterward(what a great group of God's kids!) On the ride down I was with three stellar young men who are serving in ministry with Bob or have been sent out to start churches--these guys have the "edge"--young, bold, energetic, unashamed and filled with love for people. May God pour out His power in their lives as they unreservedly race toward the future to serve Christ! (It was great being with all you guys and gals the past few days!)

Me and Bob Coy