Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pray for Japan

Its not new news that the people of Japan are suffering in the wake of two natural disasters and one man-made nuclear potential disaster. The 9.0 earthquake that rocked the island-nation by it's tectonic author eventuated in a devastating tsunami that claimed the lives of 28,000 people and rendered 250,000 more longing for homes and loved ones while consigned to one of 2000 evacuation centers. The estimated cost to that country is already over $300 BILLION dollars.
I am currently en route to Japan to meet with the leaders of churches and government to assess the needs and strategize ongoing support. Our church has responded financially but I wanted to go personally and encourage those who have been tirelessly working on the field to hand out hygiene kits, food and water to the affected ones. Tomorrow a small team I am a part of including Franklin Graham will touch down and met with Samaritan's Purse field coordinators to get the latest update. I will be tweeting updates (wifi permitting) through the next couple of days. Please pray for the people and pray for God's hand to be seen through the local churches and field personnel. Pray also that the Fukushima reactor will be stabilized soon.