Sunday, September 28, 2008

Promise Keepers in Southern Florida

Promise Keepers has been ramping up again this summer hitting venues and cities across America. Last night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I spoke at one. Franklin Graham gave the opening message and gave the invitation for men to receive Jesus Christ. spoke second about the Battle for the Truth--the need to be aware of false voices and attacks even from within the church. As believers we must "Know our Times", that the Bible predicts this would happen. We must also "Grow our Faith" being committed to spiritual nourishment so we can be strong. Then we must also "Go our way" and become rescuers of those caught in the various snares of the enemy's lies. All in all I had a great time and was able to meet up with people who listen to our broadcast.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Coming Up

Please pray for me this upcoming weekend. While Lee Strobel will be speaking for me in the pulpit at Albuquerque both Saturday night and SUnday morning, I'll be traveling to the East Coast to speak Friday night at a Promise Keepers Event in Fort Lauderdale. The event will kick off with Franklin Graham speaking first, then I'll follow. My topic will be "The Battle for Truth", addressing the need to know and speak the truth in an age of relativism and postmodernity. Saturday I will be teaching at a marriage conference in the Miami area followed by doing four weekend services (one Saturday night and three on Sunday) at a church in the Miami environs as well (Kendall to be exact). So, I'm in for another marathon of speaking six times in three days. I find myself needing God's strength more and more for these worldwind speaking tours. Thanks to all who read and blog here. and especially to those who pray. God bless! Skip

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tale of Two Puppies

Nothing really "spiritual" to report today although I am currently reading a few good books that I'll report on when I get a bit further into them, so I can do them justice in recommending them or not. The last few days we've been "dog-sitting". (Actually our own dog Winston is doing most of the heavy lifting in this department). Nate went out of town for a few days and brought his dog "Hurley" over for us to keep. He's the one in the foreground lying down. Nate picked him up at a program sponsored by the Animal Shelter. This pup must have been abused because he's a bit skittish (though very friendly). Hurley is a mixed-breed and loves to play with Winston (the very handsome Airedale Terrier in the background). They both enjoy each other's company and going on walks to the river--go figure, they're dogs! Right now Hurley is stretched out on the floor of my office at home while I'm preparing for this weekend's message, "Living Between Two Worlds".

Monday, September 1, 2008

Recovering...Keep Praying

For the past couple of days we've been with some dear friends, among whom are the Lauries. It's always a joy to see them and even during this season of grief, it's just been great to sit, talk, laugh and cry over musings of Christopher's life, who went to be with the Lord just 40 days ago. Greg spoke at a friend's church in the San Diego area and Lenya and I were able to hear him speak as well as to hear their hearts. Both the Heitzigs and the Lauries all converged on Paul and Dianne Saber's house for the last few days. They graciously hosted us and fed us (lots of Panerra!) The Laurie family is healing, but this kind of wound mark deeply and heals very slowly. Please keep praying for them. I took this picture in Paul and Di's back yard. Now we're flying back home to ABQ at the end of a fun and relaxing week