Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Season or Out!

One thing you can always count on with Franklin Graham--when he opens his mouth the gospel comes out. It doesn't matter if the microphone is in a church or on the desk of Bill O'Reiley or from the studios of Al Jazeera, he will always vocalize the need for sinful humanity to repent and come to Jesus Christ. It's sort of like, "in his genes!" Like father, like son! Well this entire weekend Franklin is preaching at Calvary of Albuquerque and doing more of the same. This is a busy season for Franklin as he is winding up Operation Christmas Child, where 8.2 million shoe boxes will be collected and distributed to children around the world. I've had the opportunity of having Franklin speak here since the eighties (our friendship goes way back) and I love his unswerving commitment to the simple message of the gospel. Lots of rejoicing in heaven over those who responded this past weekend. Glory to God!

Friday, November 13, 2009

"The Things That I Didn't Plan"

Lenya and I had dinner last night with a friend and his wife that I met last year while I was teaching at the Cove on the Second Coming of Christ. Hank Cooper, a PhD and the "Starwars Defense Initiative" architect in the Reagan Administration is a strong believer and concerned citizen. Hank was personally picked by Ronald Reagan for that role and was often an adviser to the president. He is concerned about the current nuclear situation and international the players who are developing weapons--scary when you consider their worldview and political agendas. But Hank said something to me as we were discussing God's Providence and Sovereignty. "The best things that have happened to me in life were those things that I didn't plan". Now that's quite a statement from a top level strategist who's job it was to help plan and maintain the national defense of our country! But Hank and his wife Bobbye realize that we only know so much about God's workings in the current affairs of our world ("We know in part"--1Cor. 13) and that though we can (and should) plan, strategize and solve problems in life, that God is behind the scenes and there He directs all the scenes that He is behind! There are many things that have happened to Lenya and I that we never planned. But behind them all is an everlasting God who is working all things together for our highest good and His greatest glory! I've seen that truth play out time and time again and I am trusting God that He's still doing that. Thanks for the reminder, Hank!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

View From the Top

I'm out of the country right now. Lenya and I are enjoying the spicy hospitality of our southern neighbors in Mexico. Baja California Sur in the official name of this fine extended peninsula of the west where the Sea of Cortez kisses the Pacific Ocean in blue resplendence. About 30 miles from the Airport at Cabo, Rod and Nedra Farley (wonderful in-laws by the way) have a time-share villa. This is the view--not bad, eh? From here we can look down on the quiet valley below and watch the hawks gain altitude as the sun makes its westward daily journey. From here we can see the fishing boats take their early jaunt out to the deep for their daily catch. But its more than the view for me. I've left my world down below for these 5 days. Not answering cell phone calls or planning meetings via email has been a most welcome break (not to mention a difficult discipline for me). Today, its all about the jet ski trip around the arches of Cortez. Tomorrow its all about the ATV ride with Rod in the morning. I get up early (only because I go to bed early here) and read my bible with a cup of Starbuck's robust brew. After a cup or two and a brief scripture reading and song with Rod, I get Lenya up with a cup of very "milked-down" coffee. We enjoy the morning breezes and then its off to a stringent workout of lunch or water activity (or both). See ya...I think I feel a swim coming on!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

R and R

It's been awhile but Lenya and I get to enjoy a week in Cabo. We're
meeting Lenya's folks here for the week at their time share. I've
never been to Cabo San Lucas before but it look good so far. I'm
standing in the Passport line at the airport writing this--sweeeet!!!