Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nates Going Home

This is at least a bit happier picture than the one of the last few days. Nate is feeling somewhat better today and will be going home (to our place) for a few days until he can have the needed surgery to reconstruct his tibial plateau. The device in his leg will keep the bones in proper alignment as well as providing the required tension that the accident removed. The physical therapist has been in his room making him get out of bed, move to a chair and use his walker--all needed steps towards recovery.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Long Recovery

Nate is in the hospital for today. I just left there. He was very tired from post-op recovery after an external fixator splint was placed in his left leg. The x-ray I posted a few days ago showed the femoral condyle pushing down on Nate's tibia. Those bones were separated and rotated today for stability and then fixed by this apparatus but the real surgery won't take place for at least another week or so. He will go home for a few days and then have to come back. At that point several screws and a plate will need to be used to reconstruct the damaged area before his long recovery can begin. Sigh!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Can Hurt Sometimes

OK, my son Nate & I love to have fun!!! Lots of it!!! We always have. We mountain bike, road bike, snowboard and even skateboard together. In fact my wife Lenya got us the coolest electric skateboards for Christmas. These are pretty beefy boards equipped with off-road pneumatic tires to soften rough road and bumps--they're very cool! And yes we ride with helmets and wrist guards. (I know the picture above doesn't show it but Nate had his gear on when his "accident" happened yesterday). It was late afternoon and we were having a great time around campus on our boards. Well, Nate loves to stretch his skills to a higher level in anything he does and it usually pays off. This time, it didn't pay off; it exacted a pretty hefty fine! He was going down some mild steps on our church campus by one of our buildings called, "The Hub" (a feat he had earlier mastered) when he lost his footing and stepped (actually lunged) his left foot forward with a mighty thud. The impact of his weight pushing downward and laterally was enough to crack and displace his tibial plateau (The upper articulating surface of the large bone in his lower leg). Even our friend Dr. Heckle said it was unbelievable. At any rate, this bone is now cracked in several places due to his femur pushing downward on it(as seen in the antero-posterior Xray above). He is in surgery today. Please pray for him and his wife Janae. Nate confessed last night on his bed in the E.R., "I really need to stop this kind of activity, don't I?" He's a great guy who had a bad fall. Your love and prayers are appreciated.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vagabond Prophet

There are two things I really love about life: God's people and music. So it comes as no surprise- that when the opportunity arises to combine the two- I jump at the chance. Recently, some friends of mine (Kenny, Sandy, and Brian) have formed a new band: Vagabond Prophet. Our goal is to play music for God's people.

As you will see from this video highlight of the worship service at the El Rey Theater (Metro Calvary) in downtown Albuquerque, we are going back some years in our sound- to a gospel and Americana style. We've had a blast in our practice time and in leading others in worship.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Guess What I'm Doing Today?

Nate and I went snowboarding half day in Santa Fe under epic spring
conditions! Stoked by sunshine and 150 inches of snow!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


At a pastor's conference this week in AZ. Here is a lineup of previous
and current youth pastors from Calvary ABQ. From left to right: Nate
Heitzig, Robert Furrow(now 50), Levi Lusko and Kevin Guido.