Sunday, January 25, 2009

I LOVE MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! In fact the love grows, and with each passing year we feel more at ease and more content than ever! Which leads me to a story: Right before the New Year, Lenya and I went to Billy Graham's 90th birthday party back East. I spoke the next night to his staff and board. The next day, Lenya took a plane to New York City (one of our favorite places to hang) for a brief visit.

What a great time! We walked around, took pictures, ate, took in a Broadway show, ate some more, held hands, and ate a bit more.

Based upon the recommendation of my friends Greg and Cathe Laurie, we went down to SoHo to a little restaurant called Mercer St. Café. Purported to have great food. We walked inside to a cozy and hip (and packed) cafe. All the seats were taken expect a little "corner seat" in the lower level (the basement).

Sitting there in that little spot, alone with my wife I realized, "This is all I need and there's no place I'd rather be than next to her." I said something to the effect that being there in that basement seat down at the Mercer Street Cafe was sheer contentment, and then I immediately thought, "There's a song in that!

So, when I got back home to Albuquerque, I started writing the words and melody that became a special edition CD entitled, The Royal Road of Love. My close friend and musical partner, Kenny Riley, recorded it just in time for a Valentines release. We're trying to compose original songs for every season of the year. The first was the Christmas CD project and this Valentins Day marks the second.

The video will give you glimpse into the recording process, with all the fun fellow musicians can have working on a recording. Enjoy it and around Valentines Day look for the special edition CD. (BTW February, for you GUYS, Valentines Day is February 14).


Mindy said...

Hi Skip!

I grew up in Merritt Island, FL, with Malcolm Wild as my pastor. His son, Joel, and I were best friends for many years.

Now I am happily married (not to Joel) and we are stationed in Albuquerque, and we have been to your church a few times, and have decided to make it our church home while we are here. My husband has been in Afghanistan for the last year, and it has been hard, but he is on his way home as I type this.

Just wanted to tell you we love CC Albuquerque. :)

Oh yeah, and I used to work in Radiology, too.

-The Fausey Family

Skip Heitzig said...


A hearty welcome to ABQ to both you and your husband. I remember both Malcolm and Joel (great guys). I remember going to Merritt Island a few times years ago. I'm so glad your husband is on the way home. Love to meet you guys sometime.


Blodgett Bunch said...

I love the song and the video, but even more - I love that you LOVE YOUR WIFE and are shouting it from the roof tops! More spouses need to be so vocal!

By the way, I LOVE MY HUSBAND, MONTY!!!!!!!!!! :-)

We Love you guys! Maellen

Ken said...

that is super funny hats off to brian nixon for his editing skills . cant wait to do a whole album

Ken said...

super funny actually made me sound somewhat coherent super awesome brian and song sounds great

Nichol Naranjo said...

Beautiful song for a beautiful wife!!

Nichol Naranjo said...
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Theresa Giardino said...

I heard your songs last night. They were very beautiful. Lenya is able to have something very precious to her that will last forever. Having to make a song for every CD, very daunting task but you have a good group to help you, I’ll still pray for you. I’m sure all these songs you make will bless people. You should publish them on something like Myspace Music. Take care, Theresa

Skip Heitzig said...


Thanks. It's not really all that hard. Its just a matter of getting enough time. Once the idea comes, for me its a matter of sitting down with a few words and scratching out a melody to start with. For this song (Mercer Street Cafe) I had the first verse and melody. I then went back to to it to write a second verse and the Bridge. I heard the slide lead in my head and we tracked it in a couple of days. Thanks for your kind comments.

Skip said...

Skip, we really love the new Mercer St. Café song! I'm following your blog inside of Facebook. Some of your pastor-buds are in there. Have you joined yet? We hope that you and yours are beyond amazingly blessed these days. Trust you all are. Thanks for your faithfulness. -kurt

xootrx said...

That's a very funny comment you made about me, or so you might think. Actually, Kenny is very talented, but don't believe me. Just ask him, and he'll be glad to tell you, and tell you, and tell you.