Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ancient Treasure--FOUND!

A few of us just finished a very cool project. Its a documentary we worked last time we were in Israel about The Jesus Boat. Ever heard of it? It was one of the funnest film projects I had the privilege of doing. The documentary (to be released shortly) was featured this past weekend where I spoke at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California.

But this was way more than a documentary about an ancient boat. It’s really a testimony to the faithfulness of God. Through the film we paralleled the story of a lost boat and a lost nation (Israel) both of which were "resurrected" after two thousand years. Its the story about a boat that wouldn't stay buried in a land that couldn't stay buried!

Just like the boat was under the shores for 2,000 years, the land of Israel was submerged – virtually not a nation – a dispersed people group. And, against all odds, they re-emerged in 1948. Just like Ezekiel predicted, there would be a re-gathering of Jews from the four corners of the world into that ancient piece of Real Estate. It would seem as impossible as dried bones, bleached and parched under the Middle Eastern sun coming to life again(Ezekiel 36-37).

And yet it happened – 1948, the re-establishment of the nation. And why? Because God made promises to Abraham: ‘I’ll bless you, I’ll make you a great nation, your name will be great, I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you."(Gen 12:1-3)

The video below will give you a good taste of the actual documentary. Check it out and let me know what you think.



Charlie said...

I so look forward to seeing the entire documentary, Skip. Will you let us know when it is available? What a great evening lesson for our Home Group!


Charlie Shinn
Calvary Chapel Melbourne

Rebekah said...

Looks fascinating and am eagerly awaiting the release... Blessings to you!

Skip Heitzig said...

Charlie, Thanks for that. The documentary has just been finished and is now being released. I showed the clip at Harvest Christian Fellowship this past weekend. The full length is being packaged and we'll have it up on the website any day now. God bless you down there in Melbourne.

Theresa Giardino said...

Wow it sounds really good. I rember reading about the boat in YaHoo news. I'm suprised my church hasn't talk about it. Keep up the great work! Shalom.

Michael & Marcelle Vittitow said...

Hi Skip,
We were able to see the boat in real life with you in Isreal this past Spring. Along with everything else, this was truly amazing. The time we spent on the Sea of Galilee is one we will never forget. We look forward to seeing the documentary. Thanks for your everyday hard work...

Michael and Marcelle Vittitow