Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Seth!

This is my grandson Seth Nathaniel Heitzig on the day of his birth. This kid is picture perfect after the C-Section delivery today. He weighed in at 6 pounds and 1 ounce at right at 18 inches in length. Nate and Janae are very contented and are resting comfortably in their hospital room. I was in the recovery when Seth was brought in to be "footprinted" and weighed. Seriously, no bias about this, he is one incredibly handsome boy! This picture was taken right after his first meal while he was sleeping.


inheritblog said...

Congratulations from Israel. I've been periodically popping in today awaiting the good news. May Janae have a speedy recovery.

Rebecca Thomas said...


the4ms said...

He is beautiful!! Congratulations to the Heitzig family. God bless you all:)

Judy Key said...

Congratulations on the blessing of Seth! You and Lenya will never be the same. Grandparenthood is the BEST!

Linda said...

so wonderful
congrats so beautiful
God is so awesome so blessed for you all
to you and your family
rick and linda martin

in2books said...

Yes, I concur, Seth is indeed an extremely handsome boy! Of course, good genes help. <3 Congratulations! Sandy.

Dad said...

Skip, Now starts another chapter in your and Lenyas life as grandparents. It will be a great and exciting chapter indeed. God bless you both, Ray and Kathi

terry said...

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