Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tale of Two Puppies

Nothing really "spiritual" to report today although I am currently reading a few good books that I'll report on when I get a bit further into them, so I can do them justice in recommending them or not. The last few days we've been "dog-sitting". (Actually our own dog Winston is doing most of the heavy lifting in this department). Nate went out of town for a few days and brought his dog "Hurley" over for us to keep. He's the one in the foreground lying down. Nate picked him up at a program sponsored by the Animal Shelter. This pup must have been abused because he's a bit skittish (though very friendly). Hurley is a mixed-breed and loves to play with Winston (the very handsome Airedale Terrier in the background). They both enjoy each other's company and going on walks to the river--go figure, they're dogs! Right now Hurley is stretched out on the floor of my office at home while I'm preparing for this weekend's message, "Living Between Two Worlds".


caliana said...

A tale of one overly curious hunting puppy...

Last week we get a panicked call from our youngest the second day we were in Mexico that our German Short Hair had been quilled by a porcupine and our daughter had to be to CNM by 8:30. What was she supposed to do?!!

Thankfully, a few sweet lady's, who are also church staff, took our very distressed (once beautiful) doggy to the vet for quill removal. Thing was, our assit. pastor’s wife said the vet staff could NOT hardly stop laughing long enough to help the dog. They'd start and stop laughing over and over again, she said. :) The pictures before quill removal are rather funny. But, oh my goodness, the dog looks SO sad.
Our St. Bernard mix, (7 months old) glad to say, had the common sense to stay away from all that action.

Kids are BY FAR the best...but dogs can be pretty darn hilarious sometimes too. ;)

Melanie said...

Cuties. I'm sure it was good for Hurley to have other doggie companionship for awhile.

Awesome of your son to rescue a pup that needed a home. :)