Sunday, August 9, 2009

Folks I Want to Meet in Heaven

Job is one of them--one of the oldest guys in Bible and a real pioneer. I love his honesty and inquisitiveness about life. Starting a series on him this week has made me appreciate him all the more.

Jesus, of course!(this will be the best part of heaven)

Onesiphorus (he was such an encouragement to Paul & I love these kinds of low-key servants)

Chuck Spurgeon (AKA Charles Haddon Spurgeon). That dude could speak better than just about anyone about the things of God. I've visited his church building in London as well as his grave in East Norwood and will be stoked to actually meet him. (I also want to meet other preachers like G. Campbell Morgan, Joseph Parker, Alexander MacLaren & Richard Baxter)

I also can't wait for all those sweet surprises in heaven--those people that I knew in High School & college whom I never thought would become Christians but did anyway!


lovedbyhim said...

we love you skip
i agree with you heaven will be an awesome reunion with loved ones and a blessing to meet the people we have not met yet, and the ones we are so happy that are there
praying for you family continually

lovedbyhim said...

i am looking forward to aw tozer :)

Gail said...

To be in the physical presence of Jesus, to finally be near Him and His presence...indescribable. As a female, I'd love to meet those women of the Bible like Queen Esther and Mary Magdalene and the host of women who were faithful to the will of God....

Tom Terry said...

Two guys I want to meet...the first guy and last guy to whom Noah said, "It's gonna rain."

Okay, they won't be in Heaven, but I wonder what their responses were.

Tom Terry

troy said...

what a wonderful day that will be , im c6-c7 quad and someday soon ill have a new body . i get so discouraged sometimes but god is so good to me , i have so much to live for , im praying for your wife and you and nate , lord be with you , troy

lovedbyhim said...

praying for you and your wife and family
she is an amazing woman