Monday, September 14, 2009

Do You Talk to God Much?

I've been drawn to a book I've had a long time on my shelf--written in 1821 by Edward Bickersteth, clergyman of the Church of England, sent to Africa by the church Missionary Society, rector of the church at Watton and one of the early founders of the Evangelical Alliance. I love reading OLD books, as lots of you already know. This one is a classic. Perhaps one of the reasons I love it it because the style in which it is written demands the reader slow down and mentally chew on small bites. At any rate, it it renewing a love for prayer, to meaningfully communicate to the Father as His child. Bickersteth underscores that our apprach must not be as a slave towards a harsh and demanding master but in a familial and tender manner--great stuff--and it's really "Old School"--like 200 years old school!

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Kent said...

My favorite: Page 68, Chapter 11
"Practical Rules for Daily Study"

Awesome Book! ;)