Friday, November 13, 2009

"The Things That I Didn't Plan"

Lenya and I had dinner last night with a friend and his wife that I met last year while I was teaching at the Cove on the Second Coming of Christ. Hank Cooper, a PhD and the "Starwars Defense Initiative" architect in the Reagan Administration is a strong believer and concerned citizen. Hank was personally picked by Ronald Reagan for that role and was often an adviser to the president. He is concerned about the current nuclear situation and international the players who are developing weapons--scary when you consider their worldview and political agendas. But Hank said something to me as we were discussing God's Providence and Sovereignty. "The best things that have happened to me in life were those things that I didn't plan". Now that's quite a statement from a top level strategist who's job it was to help plan and maintain the national defense of our country! But Hank and his wife Bobbye realize that we only know so much about God's workings in the current affairs of our world ("We know in part"--1Cor. 13) and that though we can (and should) plan, strategize and solve problems in life, that God is behind the scenes and there He directs all the scenes that He is behind! There are many things that have happened to Lenya and I that we never planned. But behind them all is an everlasting God who is working all things together for our highest good and His greatest glory! I've seen that truth play out time and time again and I am trusting God that He's still doing that. Thanks for the reminder, Hank!


Frontline Resources said...

Thanks Skip (and L. May) for inspiring and encouraging me as you share your lives with us out here in Blog land.

caliana said...


This may be part of what has greater numbers of people now gravitating towards Calvinism. Tho doctrinally it amounts to providing oneself essentially a shortcut to actually having to OBEY and be faithful it would appear to take quite a bit of guesswork out the question of certainty and what the end result of the end-times will be.

The more uncertain the times become the greater the increase we see in the number of those who long for the assurance (even if going about it somewhat unbiblically) that it is God who is sovereign and in control.

How interesting the couple you had dinner with must have been. Must be almost terrifying and exciting all at the same time to be them!

Nichol Naranjo said...

Wow. So comforting!
Dominic and I are in an unplanned phase of our life, not a major trial, but still...unplanned. I truly believe it's one of those times that God is using to be one of our best times as well! To HIM be the glory in times of uncertainty!

Gail said...

Throughout the history of man, God has used what was seemingly the worst possible happening (crucifying the Savior) into being the best possible result (salvation to those who believe). I remember the tremendous relief I felt as a new Christian (years ago) when I read in 1st chapter of John, "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." Other translations state, "has not understood it." God is in control even when it seems our life events aren't! I'm grateful God can use all circumstances to His glory and toward His will. Just as in earlier Biblical times, God is before us, with us, and ahead of us. Praise His name!

Tom Terry said...

Skip, check this out. You'll love it. Beatles 3000.

Tom Terry