Wednesday, November 4, 2009

View From the Top

I'm out of the country right now. Lenya and I are enjoying the spicy hospitality of our southern neighbors in Mexico. Baja California Sur in the official name of this fine extended peninsula of the west where the Sea of Cortez kisses the Pacific Ocean in blue resplendence. About 30 miles from the Airport at Cabo, Rod and Nedra Farley (wonderful in-laws by the way) have a time-share villa. This is the view--not bad, eh? From here we can look down on the quiet valley below and watch the hawks gain altitude as the sun makes its westward daily journey. From here we can see the fishing boats take their early jaunt out to the deep for their daily catch. But its more than the view for me. I've left my world down below for these 5 days. Not answering cell phone calls or planning meetings via email has been a most welcome break (not to mention a difficult discipline for me). Today, its all about the jet ski trip around the arches of Cortez. Tomorrow its all about the ATV ride with Rod in the morning. I get up early (only because I go to bed early here) and read my bible with a cup of Starbuck's robust brew. After a cup or two and a brief scripture reading and song with Rod, I get Lenya up with a cup of very "milked-down" coffee. We enjoy the morning breezes and then its off to a stringent workout of lunch or water activity (or both). See ya...I think I feel a swim coming on!


caliana said...

Pretty cool stuff. ;) Sunshine and "D" is actually quite good for healing as well. "God is the Lord and He has given us light..."ps 118:27
YOU BOTH have worked hard enough in your two lifetimes, likely more than many people who are 90-110! You are more than due for some retiring now and then.

Go for it - ENJOY!!

RJ McCauley said...

That is awesome Pastor Skip! Enjoy those activities! I loved it when we did water activities around the famous arches on the point. Be blessed this week!

Jen and Bern said...

How wonderful!! The diving at Cabo Pulmo would be spectacular this time of year too! :)

Teresa said...


so happy that you are getting this down time to just play! Long overdue, I say!

Blodgett said...

Hey! I wanna come!!!! :-D
Have a wonderful time!

Christy said...

Thank you for leading by example throughout your ministry. I think I've told you this before - I still consider Calvary Abq my home church and I moved away in 1988. I so appreciate all the effort and encouragement I receive from all the ongoing ministries. Again, you and Lenya have led by example according to His divine power.

Holding you up in prayer,
Christy Liebel