Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Can Hurt Sometimes

OK, my son Nate & I love to have fun!!! Lots of it!!! We always have. We mountain bike, road bike, snowboard and even skateboard together. In fact my wife Lenya got us the coolest electric skateboards for Christmas. These are pretty beefy boards equipped with off-road pneumatic tires to soften rough road and bumps--they're very cool! And yes we ride with helmets and wrist guards. (I know the picture above doesn't show it but Nate had his gear on when his "accident" happened yesterday). It was late afternoon and we were having a great time around campus on our boards. Well, Nate loves to stretch his skills to a higher level in anything he does and it usually pays off. This time, it didn't pay off; it exacted a pretty hefty fine! He was going down some mild steps on our church campus by one of our buildings called, "The Hub" (a feat he had earlier mastered) when he lost his footing and stepped (actually lunged) his left foot forward with a mighty thud. The impact of his weight pushing downward and laterally was enough to crack and displace his tibial plateau (The upper articulating surface of the large bone in his lower leg). Even our friend Dr. Heckle said it was unbelievable. At any rate, this bone is now cracked in several places due to his femur pushing downward on it(as seen in the antero-posterior Xray above). He is in surgery today. Please pray for him and his wife Janae. Nate confessed last night on his bed in the E.R., "I really need to stop this kind of activity, don't I?" He's a great guy who had a bad fall. Your love and prayers are appreciated.


Fred said...

You guys were having so much fun yesterday, so sorry this unfortunate accident happened. I'll keep all the family in my prayers so that there will be a complete healing with no long term side effects. GOD bless you, my friend and Nathan & Janae as well.

Skip Heitzig said...

Thanks friend for your love and specific prayers.

paddyo said...

Hi Skip - I consult for Southwest Ortho PT and the "freak accidents" happen all of the time. The human body and physics are at odds many many times. I've heard of people out all day moto-crossin' then they break their ankle loading the bikes at the end of the day just by stepping funny.

If Nate needs a really good PT I know of probably the best in New Mexico- Kale Isaacson. Rebecca Sasser, Chet, and others have use him. He has an amazing clinic- ( real close to nates house, real upbeat and fun place.But I know that there are many other good ones around town - just want Nate to get the best- He is an awesome "Kid". Our prayers are with him.

Pat O'Hea

Joanie said...

Hi Skip,
I'm glad you and Nate were having fun yesterday, but very sad to hear of his nasty accident. Please send my love to Janae and Nate with Dee's and my prayers for them, also. Nedra alerted me this morning. Many of my online friends are now praying for Nate and Janae. Dee and I will be praying for a complete healing with no long-term after effects for Nate and for all of you, as always.
God bless and keep you safe,
Joan and Dee

Levi Lusko said...

so grieved to hear--not a fun time--I'll be praying for him all through the surgery and the recovery.

sad for my little bro! but stoked God's grace is sufficient.

Skip Heitzig said...

Levi--Amen. If anyone should know about recovery from a leg break, it would be YOU. Thanks for all you've done to mentor and help Nate--its paid off!

Anonymous said...


I love that you are being such a great father playing with your son! It's such an encouragement. It's such a great reminder of how the Lord interacts with us! He wants to play with us too and in hard times He is at our beside as well.

Blodgett said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! The Blodgett's will commit to praying for Nate!! Give him our love.

denise said...

dear nate, may the Lord draw you ever more intimately to himself during this time of healing. my husband is in a boot from a freak big-toe-breaking accident. and four folks from our kinship group have had foot/leg injuries this year that have "set them apart" even HIS feet!! the silver lining has been more time to study the Word. you remain in soooo many prayers! heal quickly and be blessed in every way! mark and denise hopeman