Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paul Clark and Phil Keaggy

Paul Clark and Phil Keaggy in 1980

Phil and Paul last night

OK, last night was a BLAST! I mean it was an epic combination of music and ministry as two of my dear friends came and shared their songs. Paul Clark and Phil Keaggy were at Calvary and delighted us. Thats the best way I can describe it. It was like a gift for our church body. The led in worship, helped with Communion and then played for the rest of the night. If you missed it, I'm really sorry because it was one of the most memorable nights ever.

Paul Clark and I have traveled the world together doing ministry from Jerusalem to Istanbul. He has been a musical troubadour, writing, singing and producing with some of the most capable musicians in the industry. We've been friends since way back! Phil Keaggy has been widely knwn as one of the planets best guitar players, yet he remains so sweet and humble, because he knws where his gift comes from!

These guys gave to our generation some of the most memorable Christian anthems like, "Abide" and "Love Broke Through" both of which were played last evening. To top it all off, the band joined them on stage for Paul's rendition of Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody." So cool! And so fun!

If you were unable to join us, check out this short highlight video. Also to get the full evening and all the songs go over to and go the the archive section.


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Simply THE BEST in the west!

Skipper and the CCA Crew.

Love it all

Santos <>< The Doo Wop king.