Monday, May 4, 2009

A Perfect Day!

OK, so I haven't blogged for a while. With all of the busyness of normal life in the life of a pastor (people worried over the economy and the Swine Flu)and just the accelerated pace of postmodern technology between doing Facebook, the blog, Loopt, and just "regular" emails and website requests, life is CRAZY! So why am I blogging now? Perhaps out of guilt for not doing it awhile and perhaps because I have just a few quiet moments on my one day off to just say I love the space between the busyness. Today is what I would consider a perfect day. The weather is calm and warm, the outside air beckoned me to go out and poke around at yard work (a love I inherited from my mother)and I can now bicycle somewhere cool with Lenya. Ahhhh!


Joe said...


Pastors get a day off? :-)

I can't imagine how busy you must be, but I know from time to time I feel the same way as you do. I know that's why Jesus told His disciples (and us) to come away with Him, to refresh ourselves (Mark 6:31).

Sent you a Facebook connect request. But I also wanted to tell you that between 2000 and 2006, you were on my radio every morning as I commuted down to Irvine. I miss our radio time, now that I work from home.

You and Chuck Missler have always been like my older brother and father in Christ. I feel like I've been mentored by both of you.

Someday soon I hope to make it to Albuquerque to visit CCAbq and El Pinto! :-)

Blessing to you and Lenya.

In Christ,


Skip Heitzig said...

Hey Joe (sounds like an old song),

Really great to hear from you. Iw as just with Chuck Missler back in Leipers Fork, Tennessee speaking at his conference there. Great guy--very passionate about obeying God. El Pinto awaits you!


Rick said...

Hello Skip. I just wanted to say I have been listening to your teachings for several years, and I pray the Lord's blessings upon you and your ministry. Glad to see you had a perfect day!! God bless from North Carolina!!

Skip Heitzig said...


Thanks for listening! I love NC--I go there every year. ITS A BEAUTIFUL STATE.


Deborah Secor said...

Skip, would you mind if I used your photograph of the river for a painting? It was a perfect day! I'd love to play around with the reflections.

Dan just suggested I go for a walk with him along the river to take my own photos and I explained that you're a better photographer than I am! But I do think I'll take him up on that offer of a walk. Today is another pretty perfect day...


Tisa said...

Hi Pastor Skip,
Don’t feel guilty about updating blogger. People can be such yahoo’s sometimes. My family wants me on facebook but I’m not doing it. I like myspace. Sounds like you’re having fun on facebook. Why don’t you just change your blog icon on your web page to that?
Have fun, Theresa

caliana said...


That IS downright clever.

When you have a 22 son and his friend hightailing it across the country in his VW bus for the next few months, having him on FB is almost as good as gps Google earthing him wherever he is!!! Spying isn't just for government elites any more. ;)

The trip vid on myspace and FB:

That's may be why he wants 'his space' tho, huh?