Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Praying for Wisdom

I was struck by reading the account of Solomon's prayer in 2 Chronicles 1. Before Solomon built the great Temple and while the tabernacle still stood, Solomon gathered the leaders of the nation and together they prayed. There at Gibeon, after making an extensive sacrifice, Solomon was effectively given a "blank check" by God. He was told to ask for anything he wanted. It's what Solomon wanted that is to me most significant--he desired "Wisdom and knowledge" ("an understanding heart" in the 1 Kings account) to know how to serve God people. I have always loved Solomon's request and have echoed his prayer many times for myself, asking for God's wisdom and knowledge in shepherding His flock. I did so again this morning. I have always realized that the flock belongs to God and my task is to feed and nurture, equipping them through the knowledge of the truth (Acts 20:28). Solomon had the right focus at the beginning of his reign but as time wore on, he lost sight of it--a warning to all believers, especially to leaders that our hearts must be carefully guarded and motives constantly weighed. Shepherding God's flock is the greatest privilege in the world but it also demands the highest degree of integrity and purest of motives. "God, please grant that for your church."


doulos said...

To that I give a hardy amen!

Albuqowboy said...

Because you strive to be the best sheppard you can be, with a pure and righteous heart ~ you are seen pleasing in the eyes of God and thus the faith your flock has within you to lead.

Emma said...

It was really great to see you at Ocean Hills a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for helping us celebrate 30 years of serving the Lord!
I just wanted to encourage you by thanking you for being a “Workman of the Word”. It’s the most noticeable thing about you. And since you have been such a wonderful and inspiring blessing to me, I just wanted to encourage you to keep going. :-)
--Emma Clark