Monday, April 12, 2010

Jesus is Coming

"Jesus is coming!", announced my friend Greg Laurie as he kicked off the opening session at the "Preach the Word Prophecy Conference" at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside this past Saturday. Similar in scope to the "Epicenter" Conference that Joel Rosenberg and I did in Jerusalem a couple of years ago and the "Alert '08 Prophecy Conference" at Calvary of Albuquerque two years ago, we again had an "all star" cast. Dr. Tim LaHaye, Lt. Gnrl Jerry Boykin, Joel Rosenberg, Greg and I spent the day setting the biblical scenario and giving current updates on movements in the Middle East and Washington. One of the real highlights was the interview of Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of the founders of Hamas. Known as the "Green Prince", Mosab was slated to succeed his father and become the leader of this formidable terrorist organization. But seeing the true face of of own extremist religion, Mosab was led to Christ by a Cab driver in London. His book is incredible (I downloaded it on my iPad).

All in all, the conference was a "home run" and the feedback we received was in wholehearted agreement. I enjoyed spending time with these men once again. They are both friends and giants. I admire their courage, scholarship and commitment to Christ. I also had the privilege of speaking at Harvest the following day for their Sunday services as well as Greg's Thursday Study in Orange County. It's always a joy to be there and reconnect with people I've known and loved for many years.


Yasutomo said...

I am totally going to buy the DVD sets of the Conference, cuz I missed it(too far from Japan!!!!) So excited to see what you guys had taught there!!

ps: it was really funny when you reminded Pastor Greg of the offering :D

Anne Marie said...

I was at that conference and bought two of your books! Thank you for being there.