Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday?

Why do Christians refer to this day as Good Friday? Why would anyone call the day that someone they deeply loved who suffered and died an excruciating and shameful death good? Death is a dreadful thing! Well, we say that it’s good because of the good results that followed from that day. Jesus' death was part the Father’s plan so that man’s sinful condition could be remedied. It’s sort of like surgery. On Monday my son Nate will go into the hospital for another surgery—the reconstruction of his tibial plateau in his knee. They will cut him with a knife and he will bleed! Screws and plates will be affixed to his bones and then he will have stitches that will leave a permanent scar. And yet we are all looking forward to it! We have been for two weeks already! Why? Because without that surgery, he would never be able to walk again! But with the surgery completed, he will be able to enjoy the rest of his life with mobility! Today is the day that we celebrate the life granted to us through the death of Jesus Christ.Thank You, Lord. Happy Good Friday to all of you!