Monday, April 5, 2010

Nice Hate!

After two weeks of waiting the day for surgery has finally arrived. I
took Nate to the hospital early this morning (5:45) and he is in the
O.R. right now. He was funny--he asked one of the docs of he could
take home his external fixator hardware as a momento to hang stuff on!
That's my boy. Much thanks to all who have written and shared their
encouragement and prayers.


TDW said...

Just heard Nate is out of surgery, but in a lot of pain. We're praying for meds to kick in quickly and that there are no anesthesia side effects, as well as a quick miraculous healing. Our prayers are with Janae, you and Lenya as I know it's hard for you, as well.

Fred said...

Will continue to pray for GOD's comfort, and the complete, and trouble free healing of this bone. Thank you, Lord for hearing our prayers, and we ask that you would act on our prayers, according to Your will, in JESUS Name, amen.
F, Roybal