Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cheer with our Family

We had a really great time this Christmas. After all three Christmas Eve services, Nate and Jane and Lenya and I went up to Santa Fe. Its become our annual tradition. We love to walk among the crowds, singing Christmas carols at the bonfires on Canyon Road. This year there were not only thousands of luminarias and lights but about a foot of snow on the ground which made it the perfect Christmas Eve. With cups of hot chocolate and apple cider we walked and sang our way up the streets and arrived back home around midnight.
The following day, I read the Scriptures afresh about the wonderful event we celebrate (Jesus' Incarnation) and cooked waffles for everyone. After a short afternoon spin on the '42, we all went over to Rod and Nedra's house (Lenya's dad) and celebrated with the perfect New Mexico meal (turkey and Stephanie's amazing red chili smothered over the top. Here's a few scenes around the table. I want to personally wish you all a joy-filled Christmas season, packed full of laughter and brimming with God's peace.

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mdrf said...

It was a great time in the Cracque for Christmas. Love you guys and see you all soon.