Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Weekend Before Christmas

Clement Clark Moore (1779-1863) wrote the famous poem, A Visit From St. Nicholas (otherwise known as The Night Before Christmas), in 1837.

As you may recall, the poem tells of a quiet night in a home on Christmas Eve.

Well, as you will see in this short video, our Weekend Before Christmas is not as quiet…things are stirring.

We are bustling with activity, special guests, and holiday cheer.

My good friend John Privitt is with us singing, Christmas Light, a song he wrote and performed for a tour I hosted in Bethlehem.

John just returned from Nashville where he was a songwriter (working with Willy Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and others). He came back to Albuquerque to be close to his family.

Also this weekend we had the lead singer, Jason Tolliver, from the rock group, Ives. Jason sang a the song, Welcome Home. Welcome Home is on the newly released Christmas album, As Stars Shine Bright, released this winter by the Connection.

Sit back and enjoy the host of characters that minister here at Calvary, making this a wonderful place to be at all times, but especially during the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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GraceByFaith said...

Amazing, exuberant, hilarious and perfectly representative of our prodigious pastors and wondrously cool church! Positively meow street...