Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Staff Party

We have the best staff at Calvary of Albuquerque! Really, we do. They are fun, loving, and godly. They love to serve the Lord and are a blessing to the body here at the Church.

So it is always a pleasure to have some fun with them. This past week we had our annual Christmas Staff Party. It was a hoot.

The food, provided by Yanni’s, was tremendous; the fellowship, grand; and the chocolate eating contest, gross! But you can’t win them all.

We even had those two guys- Joey and Stevo- from the TV show, U Rock, Albuquerque (ok, both work here, but they were here non-the-less).

In between all this, we had a roadrunner show up (only in New Mexico), and a recycled lamb tale (just watch).

Make sure you watch to the very end. The out takes are always fun.

Enjoy the video.


Theresa Giardino said...

Hi Pastor Skip,
Thanks for putting the Connection magazine on your web site. I really enjoy the truth connect section. Very thought provoking this month. Joey and Stevo very funny. I assume there is never a dull moment around them.

Katrntrap said...

Would love to have the rules for the chocolate contest from the staff Christmas Party. I know a lot of nurses who would love to participate in this type of game for Nurses Day.

Anonymous said...

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