Friday, July 17, 2009

Latest Update

Lenya made it home! She's doing great. She had all her staples and cutaneous sutures removed yesterday and is at her computer already today. She is up walking and eating (though not usually at the same time), and she is getting stringer daily. Her mom has been a great help--flying in from Michigan and staying with her all six nights in the hospital and helping here around the house (A great mother-in-Law). Nights are a bit restless but even that is a chance for the Lord to speak to our hearts! We are greatly encouraged and firmly rooted in God grace right now. Thanks to the many who have written to add to that encouragement and to all who have been praying--you're the best!


Craig said...

Ps 50:15; 47:1-2

Joe said...

Praise be to God Almighty, the Great Physician!

So happy to hear the good news, Skip. May God continue to watch over you both.

Jen and Bern said...

Great update. God is so faithful to answer our prayers. Continuing to pray for you and Lenya and the journey ahead. We serve a mighty God!

Christ 4 Scotland said...

Just to let you know that we here at Calvary Dunfermline, Scotland are keeping Lenya, Nate and you in our prayers and are really blessed to see what the Lord has done already in this situation. be encouraged for we have an awesome DAD

For it's only by His grace, Ken and Evie Scott

bcatquail said...

Skip, Great to hear Lenya is healing up rapidly. We love both of you.

Bob and Jeanne Claycamp

bcatquail said...

Skip and Lenya,
Jeanne and I are following her progress through this challenging time. May the Lord continue to wash you both with His love, grace and comfort...and healing!

Bob and Jeanne Claycamp

bcatquail said...

Skip and Lenya,
Jeanne and I are following Lenya's progress in this challenging time. May the Lord pour out His grace, mercy and healing.

Bob and Jeanne Claycamp

lbh said...

glad to hear it

lbh said...

see you tomorrow glad to hear you are our guest speaker yayyyyyyyyyy
we usually go on sat night
my dad and mom are celebrating their 50th anniversary see you tomorrow
really happy you are here
rick and linda martin

Blodgett said...

That is awesome! Give Lenya a great big hug from me!
Love Maellen

Nichol Naranjo said...

Praise God for the progress made and answered prayers!!
The prayers will continue!
BTW ~ I love this pic of Lenya....beautiful!!!

Ken and Cami said...

We are blessed to know you are doing well. We continue to lift you both up in prayer. Thank you for the great wineeses that you both are. Ken and Cami Miller, CA