Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Again a hearty thanks to all who have been praying and writing with notes of love & concern. First of all, I want to say that God is good ALL THE TIME! We know He is the One who is aquatinted with all our ways and hedges us with His love (Psalm 139:3-5), and is ultimately at the helm of every one of life's situations. Even those thing that mystify our understanding never catch Him off guard nor do they escape His gracious gaze.
Lenya's surgery this morning went a little longer than expected (about an hour or so overtime). I will try to be descriptive without too much medical jargon: The tumor was taken out. It was malignant. The Oncologist gave it the designation, "Stage 1", but because it was encapsulated, he was encouraged. This hopefully means it hasn't metastasized (hasn't spread to grow anywhere else), but it's too early to tell without the pathology reports (they normally come a few days later). The complication was it's adherence to other organs which precipitated the need for an anastomosis which was done successfully. As a follow-up, she will be needing chemotherapy as well. To sum it up: she has done remarkably well and the prognosis is positive. She is resting comfortably, dozing in and out, having short conversations and then sleeping. Even in a hospital bed without makeup, she is absolutely beautiful!
Her mom and dad, Nate and I have all been with her most of the late morning and afternoon. I am very encouraged and confident in God's plan for her and for us all. Thanks for standing with us in prayer. We love you all.


Blodgett said...

I have passed this info on to my prayer warrior friends. God hears! God answers! Praise the Lord for the peace He has offered you both. We will continue on!
Love the Blodgett Bunch

Brenda said...

Please know that there are prayers across this country for Lenya's complete recovery. God Bless you.
Brenda Caddell

Deana said...

If everyone did what I normally do and that's read and not respond then you wouldn't know that you have an army of prayer warriors and people who love your wife. She touched my life. She doesn't know me, I'm one of the many people who have been blessed by the message the Lord put upon her heart. She is in the hands of our glorious creator, she is safe. This is a journey He will be on with you. Thank you and Lenya for being servants and setting such a good example of living in His will. We will be praying for Lenya and your family. Blessings Deana

my#1jesus said...

Your sisters and brothers are standing with Lenya, you and Nate. You all are being lifted up in prayer to our heavenly FATHER. Recently I have been trying to memorize Philippians 3:20-21. I needed prospective in my life and this scripture has brought it home for me.
The peace of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ by with you.
The Padilla family and friends

Michael Huston said...

This is great news and lets all continue in prayer for a full and speedy recovery for Lenya!! Again Gods' will be done!!!
The Huston's

Karen said...

We are praying for you here at Harvest. May the Lord sustain you and His peace that surpasses understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
Be still and know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10)
Love, The Jacobsen Family, the Harvest webcasting crew, and Harvest maintenance

Paul Havsgaard said...

We love you and are praying for you. What a blessing to know that this all rests safely in the Lord's hands. May the Lord continue to strengthen and guide you in the days ahead.
With all of our love and prayers,
Paul Havsgaard

~F~ said...

Jeremy Camp's "I will Trust in You" is a song I listened to over and over when there were medical issues with my son. it helped keep my faith where it was supposed to be. Our prayers are with you.
We love you both!

TDW said...

Dearest Skip.. words can't adequately express my thanks to you and the pastors for your strength, encouragement and prayers for Nelson while I went through my bout of cancer. I could be at peace knowing he was being taken care of by all of you. I am thankful that Nelson can now be a strength and encouragement to you -- as he knows exactly what you're going through. God is so faithful and His love is never-ending. He displays that each day He gives us. Much love to you, Tricia Walker

walter said...

We are praying concerts of prayer on your behalf....may your joy be FULL through the a great quote today by DL;

"Happiness is caused by things that happen around me, and circumstances will mar it; but joy flows right on through trouble; joy flows on through the dark; joy flows in the night as well as in the day; joy flows all through persecution and opposition. It is an unceasing fountain bubbling up in the heart; a secret spring the world can't see and doesn't know anything about. The Lord gives his people perpetual joy when they walk in obedience to him"
Dwight Lyman Moody

Frontline Resources said...

Dear Skip,

We have been tracking with L. May and you in prayer since your recent visit to my wife's workplace.

We thank God with you for the truth of Psalm 139:3-5 and more as we continue in prayer on behalf of all the Heitzigs and beyond. -Lenya and you mean SO much to thousands upon thousands nearby and throughout the earth.

We love you, Lenya and Nathan LOTS!

Nichol Naranjo said...

We love you guys too!
The first thing that came to my mind when the knowledge of the mass was first discovered is how you often say, "God is good all the time! All the time God is good!" You are so right!!
Still going to our Lord on your behalves!

Pastor David Rosales said...

we will continue remembering you all in prayer...may the Lord continue bringing His peace to you all, and may you rest in Him...David and Marie Rosales

Jen and Bern said...

Continuing to pray for Lenya's quick recovery and very positive results of the tests. Our Great Physician watches over her by the second. Thank you for the updates.

Steve said...

we love you and will continue to pray

Steve said...

we are continuing to pray and have asked all our friends to pray
we love you and your family
praying for Lenya non stop
rick and linda martin
from ca

Sharon said...

Skip and Lenya,
We are praying for you! May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you His favor and give you His peace. ~ Numbers 6:24-26 (NLT)
Rick and Sharon, Harvest Riverside CA

Mary Martin said...

Hi Skip,
It's so funny how God works. We've been praying for you and Lenya that last couple of months, and now I know why! We are praying daily for Lenya's complete healing and for God's comfort and peace for all of you!
We are so thankful for your and Lenya's faithfulness all these years and how you've ministered to so many with God's love and grace! We wouldn't be in Tucson had it not been for your influence in Doug's life 25 years ago! We love you both and pray God's abundant blessings through this difficult time.
With our love and warmest thoughts,
Doug and Mary Martin

Dave Rolph said...

Skip and Lenya,

Our prayers are with you also, as they have been. I know God is doing great things, even through this trial. I look forward to seeing the message God gives to Lenya as she is able to share with others the insights she receives. Few women have been gifted with her ability to communicate, but many women are facing health crises, and need an encouraging word.

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Just want to let you know you are in our thoughts daily. We are praying for full recovery, wisdom, peace, and whatever else you may need at this time.
Our small church is praying for you. I believe God has you in the palm of His Wonderful, Mighty, Loving, Merciful, Gracious, Healing,Fatherly hands!! He loves you so much. We happen to also!
God-Bless you. we will continue to pray.
You are in His Masterful,Powerful and Gentle Grip,
Lydia Hoppman and Family

bixtuch said...

Praise God! Lenya--your prayer warriors from Ocean Hills sent us the news in Colorado. In turn, my personal group of 'global' prayer warriors (who don't know you) have been praying! Where two or more are gathered...!

We praise His Name. His love and mercy endure forever.

Carol Tuchschmidt

Gaylel said...


I stopped by this blog post to read the update and want to tell you and Nate to be encouraged and offering my prayers for a complete healing for Lenya. I also will pass this on to my brothers and sisters also in the faith.

In Christ's love,


Anonymous said...

My husband Dave and I send our support and prayers to Lenya and to you. God, as always, will keep his word. God Bless you.
Michelle Lowery

afuerst77 said...

Dear Skip and Lenya,
You both are in our thoughts and prayers daily. May God give you and Lenya the strength to go through this trial. We pray for full and complete recovery soon.
We love you both, Avi and Catherine

Pancho said...

Praying for Comfort, Peace, Healing and Assurance. Love you!