Friday, July 24, 2009

She's Back! She's Beautiful!

Went out on a date to CPK and a nice stroll. Lenya is feeling great
and has updated her status on her blog. (
Happy to be out again with my babe!


Jen and Bern said...

We're so thankful!!! Prayers will continue for you and Lenya! She looks amazing as usual.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, Skip! LIV, isnt it? (I personally think it just 'looks' classier in Roman numerals!) The LORD Jesus has given you your birthday present--your date with Lenya!! He gives the bestest presents, doesn't He!!
Love in Jesus, *Psalm 70:4*
Sandy Schweitzer

Levi Lusko said...

yippee wish we were there to hang out

DDLowe said...

She is a jewel!! It's so wonderful to see two people so much in love in their marriage as we are in ours. It's a rarity in these days. Happy Birthday Skip, love you both. God Bless...
Dan & Dawn

Anonymous said...

She's looking great and well taken care of, Skip! God Bless your family.
Lots of Love,
Michelle Lowery

Steve said...

she is always beautiful
we love you Rick and linda martin