Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another year...a bright future

The 2008 Pastor's Conference for Calvary Chapels ends. One of the greatest things to experience at the conferences is the dynamic of new and exciting growth. All around the world, these pastors are marching forward to change communities and nations. With a simple trust in the veracity of scripture, a strong sense of calling from God and a reliance upon the Holy Spirit churches are being planted, missionaries sent out and the Kingdom of God expanded. One of the most encouraging signs of life are the number of young pastors in their twenties and thirties who are going out. I love sensing the thrill of adventure in so many of these men and these conferences serve to stoke the fires of those whose adventuresome obedience has waned a bit.


WebServant said...

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nr said...

Sensing the thrill of....great way to put it. Being in the middle of my 5th decade and having spent that entire time attending Catholic masses (when I did attend)
just seeing Pedro Garcia standing before us brought joy to my heart.
Such youth and committment to serve.