Sunday, June 15, 2008

Marty Goetz--Modern Day Psalmist

Marty calls himself a "Psalm-Singer." He sings both in Hebrew and in English and has such a way as to moves one's soul. Marty's songs are almost always scriptures that are set to music and audiences everywhere are uplifted. This weekend at Calvary was no exception. Mary played for all four services at Calvary of Albuquerque and moved us all into the presence of God. Although filled with Hebraic flavor and ancient melody, even younger modern ears never fail to be delighted by his gift of song. Every year at the Cove (The Billy Graham Training Center) in Asheville, North Carolina, Marty plays his music for my teaching sessions and does an evening concert for a rapt audience. I've known Marty Goetz for over twenty years and have always enjoyed his songs, his humor, wit and insights into scripture. After church on this warm Father's Day, I barbecued some steaks for the family and Marty played for us on my piano, "Beauty and the Beast" redone in the way only Marty can do. 


Blodgett Bunch said...

My 16 year old son ran out of the church service that Saturday and bought one of Marty's CD's. He loved him! I'm so thankful the younger generation can appreciate awesome music when they hear it!!

Skip Heitzig said...

Hey Monte & MayEllen! That's great! Its funny really, but Marty's style seems to catch people off guard and he can transcend age and culture barriers. Every year at the BIlly Graham Training Center at the Cove. I have him do the music for me. The entire week is a real treat with Marty's music gracing every session.