Friday, June 20, 2008

Charlie Hall Brings the Joy

The men's rally at Calvary drew 3000 men to hear great music and a
poingnant message from Mike MacIntosh this evening. The weather started out looking like rain. I mean it blew in fast and furious and gave those guys who brought their vintage cars a heads up that He's really the One in charge of their shiny, waxed-up paint-jobs! I was a beautiful night--men reconnecting with each other, men praying together, confessing needs to each other and serving one another--fabulous! There is such life in this fellowship--abundant life. Charlie Hall shared with us in a very transparent way of how the last two years of his life were "a mess". He alluded to things that happened to him by others, things he didn't do directly but happened nonetheless--not sure what that was exactly but a lot of us can relate. Then he sang a sweet but powerful tune and had us sing it in anthem along with him; "Sweet Jesus Christ, my sanity! Sweet Jesus Christ, my clarity!" He said that those two thoughts translated into prayer helped sustain him through his boxing match with suffering. Great stuff.

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