Thursday, June 12, 2008

Honor Your Father

I was thinking about Father's Day (coming up Sunday if you've forgotten!) and I was thinking about my own dad (yes that's he and mom on their wedding day a LONG time ago). I was thinking about what it means to honor mother and father. For me, both are gone now but as I reflect back on what I learned from them, I realize I CAN honor them still not just by a wistful memory but by an active application of the things they taught me. Dad, for example, passed down to me a good, honest work ethic--how that a job worth doing was worth doing well. He instilled in us boys the thought that God made us in His image as unique individuals and that we could do anything we set our minds to (in the will of God, of course). He gave me a love for communication and encouraged us to notice how well Billy Graham spoke (which eventually brought me to Christ). Dad's example and lessons still linger with me to this day and I appreciate them even now. I think Father's Day will be an excellent time for you to tell you dad SPECIFICALLY what you appreciate about him and how his life has made yours a better one. AS you honor your father here on earth, it will please your Father in heaven!

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