Monday, June 16, 2008

I hate bowling...(or so I thought)

I never enjoyed bowling--ever! All the attempts to get me to like it have ended in failure. I even used to say, "I'd rather stay home and do laundry than go bowling!" Why the distaste for one of America's favorite pastimes? Perhaps it was the one really bad experience I had when I was younger, growing up in Southern California. One fine summer evening I arrived at the Victor Bowl with a few friends  for a night of bowling. I thought I'd give it a try, having never done it before with my family (we were all golfers). Out in the parking lot I noticed a Honda 550 in-line-four motorcycle and I thought at the time how nice and new it looked--very cool for the era. I then quickly found out that it belonged to Roy Rogers--yes THE Roy Rogers of television fame--he lived not far from me. But that's when the shock came. Inside the doors of the Bowling Alley lay my childhood hero, on the floor--in a drunken stupor! He rode his iron-horse to the local bowling alley saloon and had one too many drinks at the bar (and what bartender is going to say no to the guy who a drink named after him!?). I had to help get him off the floor and make sure he didn't try to start his motorcycle to ride it. Now, years later Roy was changed by the power of the gospel and he received Christ. But at the time neither Roy Rogers nor Skip Heitzig were saved! This did, however, have an emotionally jolting effect in my life--one which I will never forget. I decided bowling and I were not to be friends--EVER-er-er!!!!!!
That is until last night. Lenya and myself along with Nate (my son) and Janae (his fiance) all went to the local bowling alley, which was almost totally vacant. But I have to say  that I honestly loved it. It was probably because of the great company I was with and the fact that no one cared much about the score--it was just pure fun. So now my perspective has changed and I think I could love doing this more often. Oh, and yes, I still love Roy Rogers!


Kater said...

Yes, to go bowling with my husband took ALOT of selling on the idea.... I have to play it up big, the fellowship, new friends,not to forget FUN !! So we went to the Calvary Couples Bowling night in Rio Rancho, about 8 couples bowled on teams. My husband and I got teamed up with someone who used to bowl allot.....
Yes, our team had the highest score !
I must say, it was quite humerus to hear everyone complain, either about their back, or their knee, or their wrist, or their hand, especially those who were in their 50's. It was a wonderful time of laughter :)

Skip Heitzig said...

Kater, I am a horrible bowler but Lenya has got the chops. I'd love to make it to one on the Bowling Nights so I can have a safe place to complain about my back, knees and wrists--and enjoy the laughter. If we start a league, we want you guys our team!