Thursday, October 2, 2008

Musings From Florida

Pedro, Jo-Jo and Frank Harrison

Pedro and I in front of Alabama Jacks: a bikers lunch haven

The last week has been a flurry of ministry activity as well as an opportunity to connect with old friends and make a few news ones as well. Lenya and I traveled to Florida first of all to help out the newly re-organized "Promise Keepers" in their re-entry into large scale events. Coach Bill McCartney has just recently been asked by the Board of Promise Keepers to take the helm of this organization that is directed at helping men lovingly lead their homes and impact their communities.

My Saturday was spent speaking at a marriage conference in the morning at Calvary Kendall (Miami area) and then the four services on Saturday and Sunday for the same church. My buddy Pedro Garcia pastors here and mixes his unique gift of evangelism with an intensity in teaching and exhortation. He loves God and loves his people and the flock is a great group of folks who are making a positive spiritual difference in this part of South Florida.

A friendly manatee stops by for a drink of fresh water

My Wednesday morning was a fun break from the series of meetings with a Harley ride down towards the Florida Keys and a lunch stop at Alabama Jacks. I joined Pedro, Jo-Jo, Frank Harrison (The CEO of Coca Cola) and his assistant Aaron on a two-wheel spin through the countryside filled with white cranes, and blue skies splashed with marshmallow clouds. After a Mahi sandwich and an short encounter with a manatee we rose back to get ready for Wednesday night services.

My buddy Bob Coy asked my to speak at his Wednesday night service at Calvary Fort Lauderdale and then the adult singles group afterwards. This church has been a lighthouse of consistent teaching and evangelism for well over two decades. The ministry of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale is reaching out to the world and Bob Coy and his team are exceptional servants. I really had a wonderful time this week and now we're looking forward to the weekend in Albuquerque with TIm Lahaye and Lt. General Jerry Boykin for our prophecy conference.

The nicest day on this week of marathon teaching was today, Thursday. Lenya and I were able to relax and walk, eat, talk and shop together all alone--a real joy for me!

Worship Service at CC Fort Lauderdale

Bob Coy REALLY excited about his salad!!!

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