Friday, October 17, 2008

River Session #3

River Session #3
The River Sessions are a series of informal conversations with my friend Brian Nixon, whereupon I expand on my Calvary teachings.

The intent of the conversations is to give an up close look at my additional thoughts concerning the sermon, going into more depth and attempting to give a little more insight.

Think of the River Sessions as you being able to ask me a few questions – in a more casual setting – after the weekend service.


lifesong72 said...

Hi Pastor Skip,
I’m sorry when I wrote “SKIPism” I didn’t mean for it to embarrass you or make you self conscious. I’m not very articulate when I write. What I meant in the letter is that then you speak you break down a huge concept and put it as a picture in your own word or words like - soap bubbles soap bubbles, or He picks us up brushes us off and hands us back to the father, or salvation for the Jews before Jesus is like a credit card… and so on. When you do that it helps me with understanding. I have very poor reading comprehension. When I read God has to help me out a lot. You just make it easier so Thank You very much. Theresa Giardino

Skip Heitzig said...

I actually like the term, "SKIPism". I fact there's a few of my close friends who like to use that referring to the way I say things or explain them. I am honored to know that I am able to help your understanding of some biblical concepts--I live for that. God bless you and keep writing!