Friday, October 31, 2008

Friendly Fire and Buffalo Wings

Last night a few of Nate's friends got together for his "bachelor party". Yep, he's getting married on Sunday afternoon and so a friendly game of paintball wars was in order. Two teams of us went at each other with these high-powered paintball rifles (man, those little orbs can hurt!) From Left to Right in the above picture is Levi Lusko, Dave Row, Rick Chapin, me, Drew Newman, Nate, Daniel Lusko and Kevin Miller. I know--we all look like convicts from the local prison in our jumpsuits, but hey, its better than getting whacked with wet green pain all over your clothes! Afterwards we went out and ate chicken wings per Nate's request, had a spot of evening coffee and then prayed for Nate and Janae's marriage and lives together. Great times, though its hard for me to believe that he grew up so quickly.


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun! i hope you all have a wonderful time on sunday!

lbh said...

looks fun
and that is cool
i am glad you got to enjoy the paintbalj
and wings.
where is the wedding going to be at ca or abq or elsewhere

Skip Heitzig said...


It was loads of fun, especially seeing how much fun my son was having. The wedding is going to be at the church Calvary Albuquerque on Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

lbh said...

congrats and will be praying
we love you , your wife and your son too
we miss you from ca