Friday, October 10, 2008

River Session #2

The River Sessions are a series of informal conversations with my friend Brian Nixon, whereupon I expand on my Calvary teachings.

The intent of the conversations is to give an up close look at my additional thoughts concerning the sermon, going into more depth and attempting to give a little more insight.

Think of the River Sessions as you being able to ask me a few questions – in a more casual setting – after the weekend service.


troy said...

skip , do you think that are loved one's who are in heaven , know what is going on here on earth? ive always considered the story of Lazarus and the rich man as a possibility .
i really enjoy your teachings , ive been a member of the church now for a year and ive grown as a believer in Christ, i love my family at Calvary . thank you . troy

balonzo said...

The more that I hear about the glorious return of Jesus, the more that I yearn to leave this body of sin. But, Jesus asked us to “occupy until I come”. One of these days, we’ll see him face to face!

Anonymous said...

Got your photo on flickr from the recent rally at UNM.