Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stay Alert!

Lt. General Jerry Boykin, myself and Kamaal Saleem

This weekend gave us a good shot of "caffeine for the soul" with the "Alert '08" Conference at church. With Kamaal Saleem giving his testimony of how God radically saved a man out of radical Islam to General Jerry Boykin, founder of Delta Force telling us of the real and present danger of this battle and the need to engage in spiritual warfare, we are all deeply challenged. All 3500 who packed the church facility at this morning's event were blessed by the variety of speakers and timeliness of this prophetic update. After lunch, Dr. Tim LaHaye spoke clearly and passionately about the alliances of Iran with Russia but not merely to stimulate a sensationalistic endtime fervor. His real zeal was to see if the Lord would draw people to Himself. He definitely did as the front of the church was full of those who came to commit their lives to Christ. I spoke to one young woman from Espanola who made the long drive today after hearing about it on the radio. She came forward in response to the altar call and drove back home a new creation in Christ. Great times! What a fabulous church to be part of with so many committed followers of Christ who bring friends and family to hear the gospel at such an event.

Dr. Tim LaHaye still going strong at 81!

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