Saturday, March 7, 2009

Asia Biblical Seminary

Local Festival Near Thiruvala

Right now I'm in a village known as Thiruvala in south India. It is very tropical and very hot. The temps hover around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is close to the same. Even the folks who live here think its hot! Today I taught the students at GFA's seminary. This is one of the largest in Asia and is a fully accredited seminary in India. Tomorrow is graduation day and I will have the privilege of conducting the Sunday morning service here for the community and then give the graduation commencement address in the afternoon. We expect a crowd of 3000 to attend both of these. The quality of training here is top notch and I am always humbled by the level of commitment to Christ and the Great Commission. I have been working with KP Yohannan and Gospel for Asia since the early 80's and KP and I have really been ministry partners, since we both began around the same time. The seminary asked me to present a paper on a theological topic and they confer a doctorate on me tomorrow as well. To have such a degree from this particular school is a great honor to me as I feel such a kindred heart with the workers here.

KP reflecting at his home on GFA Campus


Nichol Naranjo said...

Wow! Sounds amazing!
Prayers for all of you!!
Beautiful pics!!

M Espinosa said...

Miss you hear at home in Alb. In looking over your pictures, makes me happy I chose GFA to support in finances and prayer for the year 09. Puts a picture to the prayer.

Kay-love said...

Awesome! Sounds like you are having a great time! Yet I am excited for you to come back to Abq! Take care.