Monday, March 9, 2009

Leadership Conference and Graduation

This is The Believers Church in Thiruvala, Kerala, south India

Fresh coconut milk for lunch

Leaders from all over Asia have gathered to take part in meetings for encouragement and refreshment. I spoke to this fine group earlier today. They ate it up--attentive and excited to serve in their areas. A few notable people like the leader from Nepal who has been under intense restriction and government pressure until lately was there. He oversees several hundred churches in that country. Also the bishop from the state of Orissa was there. Hundreds of churches there have been burned to the ground, believers have been killed and the persecution is mounting. I can't tell you what a privilege to stand with such men, some of whom I've known and spoken to for almost the last thirty years. On Sunday evening, a packed auditorium of over 3000 family and friends watched as students graduated from the Seminary here. I gave the keynote and was honored with a Doctorate in Divinity by this prestigious university. I felt very humbled to receive it. Tomorrow we will make our long trip back to Delhi and then we're off to Austria for a few days to film our next documentary project. This week has been hot and very busy but so rewarding. I love coming to India for a perspective "tune up."

The Graduating Class and Families

KP Yohannan and I at Graduation

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Tisa said...

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You should be proud. Thank you for taking tough biblical truths and turning it into mash potatoes for people to understand and enjoy. Shalom