Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to the Home of My Forefathers

Austria was where my forebears lived before migrating to America. I've been here before but it wasn't so cold then. Today we battled rain and wind as we set up shots for a few different projects including one called, "Riptide" which I'll tell you more about over time. The gist of it is about the impact of the modern church movement of the "Jesus people" and their impact on culture. We needed a few segments here so we were able to set up in front of the Belvadere with the help of a combined film crew from the states and locally from Vienna. This was the home of Mozart, Strauss and others who graced the world with their creative talent. Tomorrow after a morning shoot we'll be off to Milstaat, the home of one of the bible colleges we'll feature.


Lynda said...

Hi Pastor Skip, I moved from Abq to San Diego last September, but I still keep connected with Calvary Abq on the net and log onto your blog at least once or twice a week. I am enjoying the pictures you're posting and reading of your travel. Be safe and keep connecting with your Flock (I still consider myself one of yours)!

lynda conley

Katherine the Taxpayer said...

Dear Pastor Skip,

My family thanks you for sharing your adventures with us - as you are always sure to relate it to the Love of Jesus. When is the next trip to Israel. We have saved and are ready to go.

lbh said...

looks like a rad trip

Skip Heitzig said...

One year from now is the next trip I'm planning to take to Israel. It will be great!