Monday, March 16, 2009

One of My Favorite Towns!

THE most recognizable site in London--Big Ben

Getting footage outside of the Houses of Parliament in London

The Great Winston Churchill's statue looms large next to the seat of government.

I have loved London since I was a kid. This was the country that produced the Beatles and Vox amplifiers. This was the land that was the springboard for the United States of America and also has a cool-looking flag! London is a mix of both old and new--old-world architecture and new world fashion and attitude. Moreover this is also the country that produced some of the finest preachers EVER, some of my heroes. Today we visited two churches and the houses of Parliament for film shoots. Again the weather was very warm for London--mid to upper sixties and bright clear skies. Ahhhhh!!!!!! It was nice. My buddy John Ritchie from Scotland and I had the chance in between video set-ups to go out and visit Charles Spurgeon's grave at the East Norwood cemetary in Southeast London. I've always wanted to do it, so this was an added treat. So to visit his church, stand in his pulpit and then visit his grave was lots of fun and very inspiring. I have been reading Spurgeon since I was 18. Then we went over to Westminster Chapel for a shoot for our upcoming documentary. This was the church that G. Campbell Morgan and D. Martyn Lloyd Jones pastored and preached in, gracing London with a solid model of in-depth expository preaching. So, all in all it was a wonderful day. Going to bed now--taking an early morning flight back home. Tell me what you think of these pics.

The front of the Metropolitan Tabernacle--where Spurgeon preached

Spurgeon's body was placed here to await the resurrection

Westminster Chapel where Moragn and Lloyd Jones preached.


Christy said...

Yes Skip - we are reading this and love the pictures! Everyone should have the opportunity to visit London at least once in their lifetime - especially if you are from America. The history unfolds before you moment after moment.

I still consider Calvary Albuquerque my church home even though I moved away in 1988. I had the cassettes shipped to me in Richmond, VA while I attended a small CC in Fredericksburg. I traveled around the country and always visited or attended CC wherever I landed or lived.

Thank you so much for the powerful teaching since 1986! I came to visit last October and didn't know Nathan was about to be married. What an exciting time for you - how blessed you have been.

I also noticed recently you added "Spirit Over New Mexico" to your music. I still have that cassette and was listening to it recently. On 2/12 I was in a really horrible car accident, so no longer have a cassette player - but it is still one of my favs too. And God saved me that day - so I know he has big plans for me.

I only wish I could be in the audience all the time. It always feels like home whenever I visit.

God bless you, your family and your church family. Christy Liebel, Plano, TX

Tisa said...

Really nice pictures. Very similar to the old architecture in NY but my favorite pic is the Swiss Alps one.

norseking said...

Thanks for the updates and pics Skip. Pretty cool that you would keep all of us up to date on what you have experienced on your trip. The pics are great, gives us a glimpse into the rich history of London.


Skip Heitzig said...

Christy, Great that you could connect. Thanks for the post and for the update. Come overt from Plano sometime and say hi! Blessings!

Yvette Harrison said...

What an amazing adventure!! Wonderful pictures to give us a glimpse into the "world". You were truly missed - glad you're back!!!