Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Wish You Were Either Cold or Hot!

This guy was just hanging out at the Red Fort in Agra

I know it's crazy but they encourage you to beep your horn--everywhere, all day long!

Well the change from the hundred degree wet jungles of south India to the windy hail of Vienna is dramatic as is the cultural change. Just landed in Austria for a couple of days of ministry here. I've always loved Vienna since my family heritage is from this country. But great memories still linger of the brothers and sisters I met or re-connected with while staying in India. I was greatly encouraged. I'll post pictures of this location tomorrow. 'Til then, here's a few more pictures of where I've been. According to an early tradition, Thomas, one of the twelve apostles came to India to bring the gospel and preached in the area as seen in the photos below. So there you have it. Anybody out there reading this?

According to tradition, the Apostle Thomas came to India and ministered in this town of Niranim.

Allegedly, the Apostle Thomas took the sea route to this inland waterway, landed here and used these waters to baptize his first Indian converts.

Yes everyone needs to see picture of a dancing monkey from time to time.


Pastor Jerry said...
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Pastor Jerry said...


Great photos! It sounds like you are having fun and it has been a blessing. That is great. I love the monkey that dances. Why not bring some home and teach them how to pass out bulletin's and communion? That would be cool. Travel safe and keep telling them about Jesus.

Jerry Hill

Deborah Secor said...

Skip, a LOT of us are enjoying your posts! Thanks so much for sharing your trip, showing these wonderful photographs (especially the very serious dancing monkey!), and letting us know what God is doing in India.

I hope Vienna refreshes you after the heat. Come home safely to your church--we miss you.

Tisa said...

Hi Pastor Skip,
I got a question for ya. Which is worse - cell phones or car horns going off during the service?

Nichol Naranjo said...

I love the first pic of the guy at Red Fort. Taking pictures of people is my passion! My husband Dominic prefers architecture and landscapes. Together we make the perfect combo! Thanks for all the updates pastor!!

Skip Heitzig said...


Car horns are actually polite here, but I gotta go with saying that car horns are worse than cell phones.