Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nate and Janae

Its hard for me to realize that time has gone so fast--seriously! Its been almost elusive actually. Nate was just a toddler the other day running around with his "doggy bear" up and down the steps at the church. He was selling his "beenie babies" out by the old cafe (now the prayer room), and hiding inside the pulpit and underneath the stage after services. I remember him as Indianna Jones, Spiderman and the coolest cowboy you've ever met (he always loved to play dress-up). I recall those favorite times of ours with, "Say, Play and Pray" as we would all act out a bible story. But now Nate is all grown up. Now he is a gifted youth pastor teaching high schoolers and getting married--tomorrow! Man, it seems crazy! But Nate has turned out to be so wise and determined. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. "He who finds a wife finds something good" (Prov. 18:22) and he found a great wife in Janae Chapin. She is so fun and happy and brings the very best out of Nate. I'm proud of both of them and even though they are great people individually, I can truly say that they are better together than they even are apart. Can't wait for tomorrow!


Richard said...


Congratulations on raising a godly son. Our daughter was married last year this time and I can speak from experience it is a wonderful thing to watch your children marry the spouse that God has prepared for them. Take lots of pictures (especially ones with Calvary pastors doing the Chicken Dance).

Always in our prayers
Richard and Claire Cleary

lbh said...

what a blessing and what a cute young couple
you and your wife did a wonderful job.
He is such a blessing
rick and linda

lbh said...

wedding was beautiful