Friday, November 14, 2008

Billy Graham's 90th Birthday Party!

I've had the great privilege of knowing the Graham family for many years. I remember the first time Franklin took me to his parents' home for supper to meet his mom and dad. I remember how sweet they both were and genuinely interested in the ministry at Calvary of Albuquerque. I also remember that Billy and Ruth would come to the Cove sometimes when I'd speak there. I've attended many of Billy crusades over the years and I came to Christ by watching one on television in 1973. Now Billy has turned 90 on November 7th and we celebrated it last night. Friends and family gathered to express our thankfulness for his life and influence. He isn't just a great man; Billy Graham is a godly man and a man who has been used by God. He remains humble and grateful for all that God has done, and especially what God has done for him personally. These little video clips I shot last night with my tiny little flip camera. There were some touching moments when a good friend of Billy, radio icon Paul Harvey, came to greet Billy at his birthday dinner. It was a tender time. Enjoy.

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lbh said...

i am so amazed i can not believe he is 90
God is so amazing
and has done such Great things through him
and you too.
i loved the description on the radio today how you shared about loving each other and how leonardo da vinci could not finish painting until he reconciled to his brother (and painting the face of Jesus.
also how you shared that about the students throwing the darts at the faces of the people they were mad at and then underneath the target was Jesus face