Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Now Thank We All Our God"

I grew up hearing and singing a song this time of year. It was a song written in 1637 by a German composer, Martin Rinkhardht. He wrote it during the devastating time in his country known as "The Thirty Years War" and during an equally devastating time in his own personal life. During that year six thousand perished from his own village due to an outbreak of pestilence. This included the deaths of his own wife and children. Yet he wrote a song of thanksgiving. The lyrics I recall are these, "Now thank we all our God, with hearts and hand and voices; WHo wondrous things hath done, in Whom the world rejoices." What a testimony of a godly man to the faithfulness of God to sustain a life.
Tonight a church we had our Thanksgiving service. The church was packed and filled with joyful, thankful people. I love my spiritual family at Calvary of Albuquerque. There's no better group of folks I know of. They have sacrificed willingly to reach out to their community and to the world in so many ways and I'm honored to serve there. Tonight many brought their banners of thanksgiving and marched through the church so we could all read what they were thankful for. The one banner that would win for "Most Unique" was one sweet little girl thanking God for her five pet rats. (Yikes!) Loads of fun (and great pie afterwards!


Rebeca said...

Hi Skip,

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed thanksgiving service (It was my first one ever!). I've been a christian for about 7 years but this was my first year here in USA. Since I'm a mexican, I was wondering whether or not to go to this service because I felt that it was more of an american holiday (you know, in my mind everything was about turkey and black friday)but I thought "well, I guess I can go and just be thankful to God" and so I did. For the first time I felt the joy of going to church just because you want to thank God for all He has done and felt that americans are not only thinking of eating and shopping but that they are actually thankful to God! (it's not an offense, it's just that from an outsider point of view that's the way it feels). Anyways, I'm really happy that I got to go and I'm looking forward to be there every year that I can! By the way, I loved the pays =)

Skip Heitzig said...

Rebeca, So glad you came too (both to the service last night and to America!) There's nothing quite like a bunch of happy Christians being happy for the right reason and then going out to let that light shone.

Stepht said...


We are the family on your video with the black shirst with Jesus spelled out. This was our first banner service at Calvary and we had a blast! Thanks for your great leadership here at Calvary and the pies social was a big hit, loved that we could talk to the pastors and their wives. God Bless you, Lenya, Nate and Janae!


In His Steps said...

Hi Skip,
We just returned home to Salida, CO
after having Thanksgiving in ABQ. While there,we came to the Thanksgiving service and had our socks blessed off!! Thank you! I can't tell you how much we miss our Calvary family!

Merry Christmas,
The Snodgrass family