Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rebel With a Cause

This weekend at Calvary was packed again as we listened to Franklin Graham preach it up. I have watched this man up close for many years. He LOVES to preach the gospel and he never has wavered from its truth. Since Franklin was young, he's had the streak of a rebel in him but now that streak has been harnessed for the right cause. Like his father, Franklin knows that real change can only take place when a heart is changed by Christ's forgiveness. That's what he believes and thats what he preaches; and whether he's speaking to a church or to Larry King, he never compromises. Franklin and his family have been close friends for years and he loves to come to speak to the wonderful people at Calvary of Albuquerque and we love him back. Jon and Annie Barbour sang at all four services this weekend before Franklin spoke. It was just so great to see so many make commitments to Christ.

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Theresa Giardino said...

Hi pastor Skip,
I saw the service by web. It was good. Franklin is lot like his dad. Jon and Annie Barbour sang great. It was like the worship music you guys had a long time ago. I listen to the album “Spirit Over New Mexico” on your website a lot. You can’t get it anymore. Is there a way you can sell the album as MP3?