Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mongolia is more than a Barbeque!

Today I went to eat Mongolian Barbeque with my friend, Tom Terry and his family. They actually live in Mongolia (no joke) and speak the language and know the culture. Tom's ministry is to operate a large television station that reaches throughout the country. Just for fun we went to Gengis Grill--really great chow. We've been praying through this past six months about starting churches in that country and about family in particular that is thinking about moving from Albuquerque to go there, spend two years just to learn the language and get sensitized to the culture and then plant a Calvary Chapel there. Its out dream to see a network of many church begin there, a school of ministry and eventually a series of pastors and leaders conferences. Pretty exciting stuff. We love to dream about, "What if God would allow us to see something really great there. BTW, the picture is not Tom, just a cool looking Mongol.


Tom Terry said...

I hate to tell you this, but that guy's not a Mongol. Khazak maybe, but not a Mongol.


Tom Terry said...

I should mention that if you need a picture of a Mongol, use one of mine. Same with any of my images. Feel free to use them however you may like.

Mongol images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomasterry/collections/72157600376643496/

All Images: All Images.

Skip Heitzig said...

OK, Tom, well I guess I'll just have to visit you there and get some of my own pics. Tom, great being with you and your family and we are extremely excited at the possibilities with church planting in that region. Love your vision--keep it BIG! God is!

Joy of the Sower said...

ok this is really old post but Google brought me to this post
my name is Josiah Hind and I wanna serve the Lord in Mongolia!
is there some form of service you guys need? lord willing I wanna move to Mongolia.
please go to my profile and contact me