Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Ladies & Gentlemen--my son in a TUX!"

OK, I may be going overboard, but it's my one and only son's wedding, so I'm going a bit camera crazy. I've both 2 digital still cameras and this little HD video camera as well so I think I'm covered here. We're at the tux shop getting Nate fitted for his big day tomorrow. This is really a lot of fun. Friends and family all gathering together to witness the "covenant bond" between Natahn Heitzig and Janae Chapin--awesome!


Sherry said...

I think this is so touching.You are doing a great job. I can remember you saying in one of your teachings, that you would do anything for your son. What a great example you have been for parents. It's wonderful to see such a loving dad going through this with his son.

lbh said...

very nice and congrats
love rick and linda martin
dp ca

lbh said...

where are they going on their honeymoon?

Skip Heitzig said...

They're headed out to Costa Rica for a couple of weeks! Nice and tropical and QUIET--they'll love it.

Doug and Amanda said...

You sound so proud, even in this short clip! Congrats to him and his new wife, and congrats to you and Lenya!

lbh said...

pastor skip,
that sounds like a lot of fun
just watched the services on line from ca,
we love you
we love greg too.
listen to you both daily and jon courson 2.
will the wedding be archived too.
i have my nephews baseball game at the same i really want to see it.

nr said...

"look so handsome"

That spoke volumes to me....Isn't it great the we get to be the parents and they're the kids?

Much love to you and Lenya,

lbh said...

it is raining in dana point so my nephew' s game is in laguna beach will tune in
his game was cancelled.
look forward to watching and being blessed
we love you and your family