Friday, August 29, 2008

Infra-Red Photography

I love photography--always have. I've used large, medium and 35mm format in the past developing my own film and printing in a darkroom, enlarger and the whole bit. The digital age has changed all that so now with sensors and mega-pixels and with post-production in Photoshop one can exercise a greater latitude and with more available options. Now with modern ink jet printers, the ability to print high quality digital photographs is at our fingertips and is more impressive than ever. Anyway I've been learning this new digital world (however reluctantly and slowly) and I love experimenting with infra-red photography (these pics displayed are a sampling). My Leica M8 has a sensor that is particularly sensitive to infrared light (on the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared radiation emits a different value wavelength than visible light). I use a special filter (072) on my 21mm lens to filter out ambient light and record only the infrared light rays to my sensor. The result is what you see--green leaves turn white, blue skies become black and white clouds pop--a very cool and surreal look. These are shots around San Juan Capistrano, California. Still on vacation for a couple of days.

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