Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shadow Mountain

This past weekend was a bit crazy--just the schedule of just doing four services can be a bit daunting and tiring, but I even added a few things to THAT. First off, after Saturday night service at Calvary I like to go right into the radio studios and take part in a live call-in discussion about issues relating to the message I just gave. This gives people, who were at church or listening by radio, a chance to call in and dig a bit deeper. When you plow the ground of scripture deeply it can kick up a lot of dust. And that brings questions. So it's nice to give folks a chance to work their way through it by asking about and discussing the implications. So every week after the Saturday night message I'm on the radio for one hour. Sunday brings three more services back to back, the first one a 8 a.m.. This past Sunday brought an interesting surprise element. In between the 9:30 and 11:15 services I was interviewed by an Irish TV crew up in my office. They had scheduled this shoot in advance via email and phone. This group is the equivalent of "Nightline" in Ireland. They wanted to know about why our church (and some others like it) were growing so fast and why so much interest in the Bible. They also some questions about the current political feeling among Christians with the upcoming Presidential elections in America. But then, as soon as third service was over, Lenya and I hopped on a SW flight to San Diego and made it there just in time for the Sunday evening service at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. My friend, David Jeremiah, pastors there and hosts a "Summer Bible Conference" every year. I promised him I'd speak this past Sunday night. (Actually, we made a deal--he'd come out to ABQ, which he did a few months back, and I'd come out there). It's always a welcomed treat for a pastor to be able to speak to hungry hearts. These are great folks who have a real love for God and His word. Dennis Agajanian, who live only a couple of miles from the church, made us all smile with his unique style of special music before the service. It was a great night and several folks made commitments to Christ Sunday night. Now I have a few days of very welcomed rest ahead.


Nathan Wise said...

Talk about crazy busy! I thought I was busy with moving to Missoula and starting a church! But hey, this is what we live to do. Its what makes us who we are. Sold out for Jesus Christ... March on!

troy said...

i love san diego , never been real crazy for el cajon but i love the Church family there at shadow mountain
i dont know if you still surf but imperial beach is a nice beach with great surf north and south of the pier , ib still has that small town local native feel , which is very hard to find in california , i hope God leads me back there someday , i really miss it ! i cant surf anymore due to the wheelchair but i love watching the young dudes carve the waves , its more then a sport its art in motion , if you get the time watch black water a great surf film made in Tahiti , have you ever been to Tahiti?
i pray for you continually asking god to give you wisdom knowledge and strength , got to go. your bro troy